News & Live Dates

In this section you'll find news and live dates for Teologen.

Kinäs Kloster: Opening Circle 2020 – closed until further notice.

Due to the Corona virus Kinäs Kloster will not host any gatherings until it seems safe to do so. As such, there is currently no plans for the 2020 Opening Circle to take place.


Kinäs Kloster: Opening Circle!

Apart from being the world’s foremost dance floor theologian, Jonatan Bäckelie is also deeply involved in the co-creation of the burner monastery Kinäs Kloster. 24th-26th of May 2019 the monastery will open its gates for the first time, and of course there will be a memorable Teologen live set to be had, in these spiritually turbocharged environments! Most welcome.

Find out more about the event and how to attend here.


Teologen ”Little Warrior (Julius)” Video!

Directed by: Agiris.


Teologen Live

This short teaser presents Teologen at work, leading the dancefloor through the ritual of dancing to spiritual dance music.